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The Sensuous Nature of Herbal Soap

published on March 17th, 2008 . by admin

o doubt that since the time humans discovered the importance of cleanliness that soap has been with us in some form or other. Some of the earliest mention of soap was found on Sumerian tablets dating back to 2500 BC when a soap like substance was made from plant extracts and alkali. Herbal soaps probably followed soon after when people experimented adding scents and healing properties in the soap making process.

Most commercial soaps contain chemicals that might not necessarily be beneficial to the skin. A natural herbal soap might be a better alternative. Soaps that contain all natural herbal ingredients are healthier for the complexion and less likely to cause an allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin.

The Many Faces of Herbal Soap

Natural herbal soaps also smell great as opposed to the commercial brands that use overwhelming and artificial perfume scents. These perfumes can cause a reaction in some people with sensitive skin. The use of herbal soaps will rarely cause such problems and the aromatherapy of herbal soap has the added benefit of providing a sense of well being while also giving us clean, healthy skin.

Soap that contains mint is very rejuvenating and will get you up and going in the morning. Peppermint herbal soap is also great for sunburn and those irritating insect bites. Chamomile when used in soap acts very much like it does as an herbal tea in that it is calming and soothing at the end of a stressful day. It also helps to improve dry skin and to heal common rashes.

Choosing Your Soaps Wisely

When choosing an herbal soap, be sure to check the ingredients. Some may say herbal on the label but that doesn

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