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How to Grow Your Own Herb Gardens

published on March 30th, 2008 . by admin

Sure you can head out to the supermarket every time you need to purchase herbs, but regardless of whether you are looking for herbs for cooking or medicinal purposes, you will find it a lot easier to grow your own herb gardens. Not only is planting herb gardens easy but you will end up saving yourself a great deal of money and hassle as a result.

If you are interested in starting your own herb gardens, there are a few basics that you will want to understand first.

General Information

Light is one of the most important aspects to any type of gardening, including herb gardens. Most herbs love to get full days of sunshine, eight hours or more if possible, and this is important because only with enough sunshine are the essential oils able to develop in the plants. It is these oils that enhance the flavor and the medicinal properties of the plants.

Using the proper soil in your herb gardens is also vital, and you need to make sure that the soil you are using is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. To prepare the soil before planting, you should cultivate it to a depth of about twelve inches and remove any shallow layers of topsoil before breaking up the subsoil.

The best idea here is to add peat moss and compost to the subsoil so that you will be supplying it with as many nutrients as possible, and then put back the topsoil that you previously removed, which you should also then combine with organic matter.

Drainage is critical in all herb gardens, as if your herbs are kept too dry or too moist they will not turn out right. If the soil in your gardens is not well drained then you may want to lay down underground drain tiles, especially if you are looking to go into major herb production.


Growing your own herb garden can really be a lot of fun and not only that but it is a reason to get outdoors and be active, and you will save money and time by growing and using your own herbs rather than having to go out to the supermarket and purchase them all the time.

If you use organic materials to grow your herbs then you will be doing yourself even more of a favor and can feel safe taking the herbs knowing that no harsh chemicals or byproducts were involved in their planting.

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