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Guide to Herb Plants

published on March 28th, 2008 . by admin

Most herb plants come from Mediterranean regions and thrive in the heat and sun of summertime. Whether you are interested in growing herb plants or using them for cooking or health purposes, it is important to learn about the different herb plants and how they should be used.

Growing Herbs

If your goal is to grow herbs then there are a few tips you will want to take into consideration. For one herbs should always be given well drained soil and full sun, and you need to water them frequently in order to make sure that they get well established which usually only takes a few weeks. Once they are established you can water less frequently and regular pruning is also important.

Buying Herbs

If you are more interested in buying herb plants, for medicinal purposes for instance, then you want to know about the different herbs and what their primary uses are. St. John

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