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If You Have to Smoke, Smoke Herbal Cigarettes

published on April 24th, 2008 . by admin

Herbal cigarettes are cigarettes that do not contain any tobacco or nicotine, and instead they contain all natural ingredients such as rose petals and marshmallow leaves. Herbal cigarettes are often used for a variety of reasons, one of the most common being to help people quit smoking real cigarettes.

This is often a very effective method because the smoker still gets to feel as though they are smoking real cigarettes but really the levels of nicotine in their body is decreasing as they are only smoking the herbal cigarettes which do not contain any nicotine. It is the habit of holding and puffing on the cigarette which is one of the hardest parts of the habit to quit, which is why these herbal cigarettes are often so successful in assisting in the cessation of regular cigarette smoking.

Also referred to as fake cigarettes, you can typically find these at any basic cigarette store, and you can choose from a variety of ingredients including red clover, jasmine, ginseng, Yerba Santa, and Damiana, to name a few.


There are many different flavors of herbal cigarettes that you can choose from, everything from strawberry and chocolate to vanilla and mint. So not only are you making a healthier choice by choosing to smoke cigarettes that do not have tar or nicotine, but as well you get to choose from some delightful and tasty flavors.


It is important to remember that just because the cigarettes you are smoking may be herbal this does not mean that they are entirely safe and you should try to refrain from smoking any cigarettes, if possible.

These cigarettes can actually be just as addicting as regular cigarettes, with the only benefit then being that you are not receiving any nicotine or tar, which is the most harmful part of smoking. Many people mistakenly think that just because herbs are plants and are natural that it is okay to take as much of them as they want, whenever they want.

This is actually completely untrue and because herbs are still a form of medicine it is vital that you take them seriously and that you follow proper dosage instructions.

If you ever begin to experience any negative or adverse side effects as a result of smoking these herbal cigarettes, it is important that you cease immediately and talk to your doctor about it. Usually there is nothing to worry about but if you smoke too many of these cigarettes you can actually end up having some very negative side effects including trembling hands and headaches.

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