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Do You Need Herbal Supplements?

published on April 21st, 2008 . by admin

An herbal supplement is something that some people take supposedly to enhance or supplement the needs of their bodies. There are some supplements which are totally composed of chemicals and made from laboratories without any regard for the effects of inorganic elements entering the body.

Herbal supplements are usually organic elements that are processed without the use of chemicals. Other supplements made from herbs are not organically grown or produced. You need to be vigilant regarding this because many people assume that the name herb or herbal means that they are organic. This is not the case and you must not confuse herbal with organic because many herbs are grown with the use of chemical based pesticides and fertilizers.

Do We Need An Herbal Supplement Of Any Kind?

The question if we really need to take an herbal supplement has often been asked by many people. Actually, the answer to this depends on how you react to the herbal supplement which you have chosen to take. If you see a marked improvement on your part after a few weeks or months of taking the herbal supplement, then by all means go ahead and continue. Some medical practitioners avoid recommending the use of any herbal supplement because these are usually not properly tested and researched by legitimate scientists.

Some herbs have been proven to improve the health and disposition of some individuals but not all have the same effect on everybody. The same goes to herbal supplements. Not all are considered effective for specific ailments and illnesses. Some just have a placebo effect on people while can be dangerous especially if the herbal supplement being taken has long term side effects.

The fact that many supplements, whether herbal or not, are not regulated by the FDA or that they are packaged with the warning that they do not claim to have any positive medical results is enough to warn you to be cautious. You might want to ask your doctor regarding any herbal supplement that you wish to take or you might want to do some research about it.

There are herbal supplements that can positively affect you overall health while others have no effect whatsoever. The one good thing about herbs is that they rarely have any fatal effects on people. You just might want to know more about the herb before you believe in anything that people claim it can do.

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